Friday, October 29, 2010

Start Where You Are

Last week, I was angry and ready to blog about my anger. I had decided to blog about the perception of Black women, especially in regards to dating and marriage today. But I am no longer angry. I am sad. So that blog will have to wait and I think the forum for that will be my blog (I have yet to really use that that should help).

As I was saying, today I am sad. I was leaving one of my sites (that houses homeless women and children) and a tenant approached me as I was walking to my car. Although there are two social workers on site and I am not one (my duties there are more toward paperwork than people), she approached me to talk about her struggles finding a job. She told me that she doesn’t have a high school diploma, a GED and she has felonies. She’s trying to get a job.

We discussed her getting her GED and she told me that she reads at a 5th grade level and would like to get better at it for her son. She tries to read to him and doesn’t want him to know that she can’t really read.

When I left the site, I was very sad. It made me think of poverty and its effects. Especially when it comes to the cycle of poverty. Higher crime, poor health/medical care, developmental delays, poorly funded schools and substandard education, poor nutrition and eating habits, etc. etc. It repeats itself and becomes generational.

I speak about love a lot. I had a blog about it (see previous posts). Today, I was moved to spread love. What could I do to make a positive change in her life and/or the lives of others?

I talk about spreading love alot and I believe that compassion for others is paramount to manifesting God in human beings. This incident made me feel that I need to be doing more.

There are quite a few things that I have identified as MUST DO's for me. I MUST read and learn. I MUST love my neighbor as myself. I MUST be the best mom that I can be, as I believe that I have been entrusted to guide two souls on their journey in this life. I MUST be a a good friend to those I encounter. I MUST acknowledge, love, nurture,respect & accept
the value of a woman and human being. I MUST also help others wherever possible to do the same.

This incident compelled me to action. The first thing I did was call the Literacy Center of West Michigan to begin volunteering. Its something that I should have done a long time ago and had always planned to do. I am a lover of the written word and I believe that it is a most useful means of knowledge and discovery. I am also trying to get our site to be a tutoring site for them in the future.

In addition, I thought of my old sunday school teacher, Mr. Duren. He used to have Straight Talk for teenagers. It allowed us to get together to discuss whatever was on our minds. I thought it was wonderful at the time and it made me think about these women at my site.

So I am starting something similiar. This group will meet every other Wednesday night from 6-8 pm. It would be a place for the ladies to talk about their concerns - life, hardships, children, dating, etc. Talking about concerns can be helpful in working through feelings and experiences, recognizing strengths and exploring alternative solutions to every day and real life problems. Additionally, I envision the group being one additional means for the ladies to grow in terms of personal development. I want the group to be a safe place for discussion without fear of judgment or reprisals.

There is more that I can do. And there is more for you, as well.

Please take a moment today to find at least one avenue to help someone in your community today.

You may already be involved with something and if so, I’d like to thank you for your compassion and ability to live love.

It’s never too late to start.

there are more sites, but these few can help you get started. or start your own.

Peace & blessings to you!
Spread love